360 strategy

MKT 360

"We focus on providing Marketing tools for decision making."


The look of consumers and their perception of your Brand is essential for a purchase to be made.


We advise and train in the integration of new media and Social Media to balance the new Marketing Mix and maximize results


We have a culture of innovation product of a balanced Marketing-Communication-Research Blend and new technologies.

Digital Mind

The constant technological advance has caused society to digitalize. New digital platforms are part of people’s daily lives.

Today through cell phones, tablets, notebooks, among others, they have access to the internet. Hence a new culture emerges, which makes us understand the world in a different way than we were used to.
It is a new way of perceiving the media, of segmenting audiences since each of them relates and experiences
Technology in various ways. Therefore, contacting your potential clients will require the creation of a communication strategy and digital marketing plan conducive to reaching the desired people.

We offer

Digital communication strategies

Digital Content Production

Integration of digital media with traditional media and BTL