We are the Media to reach your Target through the best selection of Influencers.

Our main differentials are:

Giving the customer imparcial information based on data about the audience quality of influencer, demographics, interactions and the degree of relevance that has. This information has been acquired in our WISH LAB CENTER (An AI engine developed for this task).
Establish previously a forecast of results with a trust gap of +/- 10%, about reach, impressions and average engagement of action to take.
Minimize risk and deliver trustfully information for decision taking before making an investment. Our 5 years experienced has been followed by: 562.6M+ Followers y 480MM+ Impressions



RRSS Briefing and Profiles for a campaign. Which delivers as output the details of each influencer, namely: Number of followers, audience verification, engagement, age range, gender, geographic coverage, interactions, etc.

Discovery & Management

This service, in addition to containing the previous points, contemplates the forecast of the action, the management of the selected influencers by the hand of an implementer who is the link between the brand and the influencer, monitors compliance, approval and execution of content, and then delivers the final report. As for the payment of fees or exchange with the influencer, this is the responsibility of the client.


The turn key activity is quoted, which in addition to including the Discovery & Management, is added to the hiring and payment of influencers as well as coordination and supervision of brand deliverables.

Why working in influencers campaigns?

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of people trust more in persons than in companies
0 %
of consumers trustin social media for purchasing
0 %
of companies that uses in ifluencers consider itself being more efficient
0 %
has any type of adblock that avoids running ads

Clients & Partners


Global Coverage

Latin Amercan net coverage and hispanic market in United States

Famous brands

We work with famous brands that allows you to participate of it's advertising actions

Income management

Monetize your contents making what you most like without compromising your style or authenticity

Simplified payments

We provide wide options of payments depending on your country of origin, searching the simplest way to be done.


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